What's In My "Toddler" Diaper Bag

Thursday, July 28, 2016

When Oaklyn was tiny, I packed everything but the kitchen sink in my diaper bag.
It was always filled to the brim with things I hardly ever even used but always made sure were there "just in case."
As Oaks got older, I found myself needing less and less things and feeling comfortable leaving the house with nothing but an extra diaper and some wipes for a few hours.
It has been such a relief on my stress level, and my shoulders ;)
I used to tote around a Petunia Picklebottom Boxxy Backpack and while I did like it for the time being, I don't think I'll ever go back... but that's a post for another day.
As we made the transition of what actually went inside my diaper bag, we also made a switch to a completely different diaper bag as a whole!
I'm pretty much obsessed with our new Coco and Kiwi Sydney Bag in Amber!
We got this bag from one of my favorite baby stores on the planet, The Baby Cubby.
They have a retail location in Lindon, Utah where they are able to answer all of your wildest questions (seriously, trust me on this one.) and help you find the best items for you and your little ones.
If you aren't local, they have a website with all the same awesome brands and great sales. 
Currently, they are having the best sale I've ever seen on the City Select stroller and I'm beyond tempted!
Directly on their website, you are able to chat with a cubby mom to ensure you make the right decisions on baby gear. 
And to top it all off, they price match! 
You guys, they even price match Amazon!
Basically, I can't say enough good things about them.

Okay, back to the bag...
This is a five piece bag and it comes in two colors
Inside the actual bag you will find a changing pad, 2 Stroller straps, a removable messenger strap, and a zip-out wet bag.
It has gorgeous gold hardware, SIX interior pockets and one exterior, the cutest teal interior, and is so easy to wipe down.
I love the design of this bag, the color, and how functional it is.
I had this weird idea in my head that my diaper bag had to actually look like a diaper bag before having Oaklyn.
I'm so excited about my Coco and Kiwi bag though because it works as a purse for a night out while also doubling as the perfect diaper bag!
So, I would hands down give this bag 6 out of 5 stars ;)

Let's move on to what I actually put inside this bag while toting Oaks around.
Here's my daily list, my go to's, my essentials:
-Huggies Diapers, and Costco Wipes in a Huggies Clutch
-Books! Oaks loves books. I'm eyeing these adorable Baby Lit books from The Baby Cubby
-MAM pacifier  and a paci clip from Loved By Sophia Claire
-Tubby Todd all over ointment because Oaks has eczema and this stuff has saved us!
-All sorts of snacks in the Munchkin snack catcher
-Hand Sanitizer
-Change of clothes for Oaklyn
-A few small toys
-My wallet and a few lip glosses ;)

So there ya have it!
Most of the time though, I condense that list as much as possible and just bring the necessities.
It's crazy how much less I have to worry about now that Oaklyn is getting older and more independent.
I would love to hear what you pack for your toddler and some of your favorite items during outings.
I'd also love to hear your thoughts on this diaper bag!
However, if you don't think this one is the right fit for you, Check out The Baby Cubby's Diaper Bag Buying guide to find the perfect match for you!
I hope you all love it as much me!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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