The Fifth Month

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How in the world do I have a five month old? That's almost half a year! I can't believe how fast time has gone. Well... Sometimes it feels fast. Other times it feels really really slow. Or maybe I should say some nights. Anyhow, our little Oaklyn baby is growing so fast and getting cuter by the day :)

I have no clue how much she weighs or how tall she is. Whenever I try to measure without the doctor, I'm way off. 
We started baby food at four months. She definitely showed interest in it but it seemed to really hurt her belly. So we stopped and she started sleeping better. 
I'm super interested in baby led weaning so any tips and tricks would be much appreciated! 
She has definitely started the early stages of teething. Poor thing :( 
She wants to crawl SO BAD! But can't seem to figure it out. She has almost pushed up to her knees a few times!
But, she has zero interest in sitting up on her own. 
She rolls all over. 
She's a tummy sleeper and completely unswaddled. Thank goodness! I watch her sleep often ;) it's just too cute
She is SO grabby. Is that a word? She grabs everything and takes it straight to her mouth. She's such a curious little girl. 
Bath time is her favorite. She's even gotten over her fear of having her hair washed! 
Speaking of hair... It grows longer by the day! And hasn't lost any of it! It's starting to curl too! So cute :)
I think I've decided she has dark blue eyes. 
She still struggles falling, and staying asleep but it's gotten much better than last month. 
She loves when I let her suck on ice cubes. 
We've spent this month on San Diego and she's loving being surrounded by family. 
She pretty much hates the car still. I think she just gets really bored. 
She has the strongest little legs with the cutest rolls. She loves standing. 
She giggles over the silliest things. One of her favorites is when I wave a diaper over her face. I mean I guess that's funny? 
She still doesn't love to be snuggled but really loves being held facing out. 
She gets prettier by the day I swear. I can put her precious locks in ponytails and it's so cute! 
She LOVES her paci these days. 
She has such a strong grip! She loves grabbing and holding onto fingers. 

We love her more than words. She's such a joy to have around. 
Even though Hunter and I hardly slept last night because she has another cold, I wouldn't trade being her mama for all the sleep in the world. She's perfect in every way and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. 
Oaklyn Joy, you are the best thing that's ever happened to us 

All my love, 
Aleigh Joy 

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  1. That hair! I can't believe that you are already able to put it in such long pony tails. She is absolutely precious!