The Fourth Month

Monday, June 22, 2015

Oaklyn Baby is Four Months!
Most of the time, we feel like we can't remember life without her.
Seriously, what did I do all day??
However, I can remember what it was like to sleep. All night long.
I miss those days lots ;)
Oaklyn is our biggest blessing.
She's hilarious, spunky, clever, stubborn, and beautiful.
I have no idea how Heavenly Father packed such a big personality in such a small body.
Whenever I take her places I catch her smiling at random strangers.
I'll be looking at the shelves and hear "Oh my gosh, she's so cute! Look at all that hair! Such personality!"
She makes friends with random people no matter where we are.
She rolls. Boy does she roll! Everywhere!
In fact we had a little accident today... I put her big bunny pillow/mat thing on the kitchen floor so she could lay and watch me clean up lunch before nap time. I turned my back for two seconds to put the cheese in the fridge and she rolled off the bunny, face first, onto the hard wood floor :(
She got lots of snuggles.
We're going through a sleep regression currently.
I'm like reallllyy over it... but Oaklyn is still going strong waking up about every 2-3 hours.
As long as she's been fed, she realllyyy loves bath time.
This is when that little personality comes out.
She starts splashing, kicking her legs, laughing, and smiling SO big. Then she looks up at us and does the most hilarious smile because she knows she's cute.
She has first and only child syndrome pretty bad.
She has a pretty hard time being alone for more than like 5 minutes.
I think when she gets more control of her hands she'll be able to play alone a little longer.
She really doesn't like the car unless I'm sitting in the back seat playing with her.
She really likes her pacifier, but really likes pulling it out of her mouth more.
My nights have turned into a constant game of "fetch the pacifier"
Because of said rolling, we are no longer able to swaddle her.
There were too many incidents where she rolled over while being swaddled.
She's a strong one.
Breaking her from that was a tricky process, but she now takes all of her naps and sleeps at night without being swaddled!
We also stopped rocking her before bed. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be as well.
I'm still waiting for the day that she doesn't cry when put in her crib... 
She sleeps on her tummy and wakes up with the silliest bed head, the cheesiest grin, and a red little cheek!
I'm so grateful that we were able to break her from only sleeping in my arms or in a swing.
She takes about three naps a day, and even though getting her to fall asleep is the hardest part of my day, when she falls asleep she sleeps 1-3 hours! 
She cannot stand when the sun is in her eyes and she can't figure out if she likes pools yet.
She's getting huge and I still can't believe how fast she is growing.
She loves being sung to, watching movies (especially tinker bell and frozen), and her play mat.
We started her on rice cereal a little bit ago and she takes the spoon like a champ! She hardly closes her mouth because she just wants to keep eating.
When she's finished with her bottle she pushes it away to let us know she's full.
I can put her long hairs in a pony tail and its just about the cutest thing ever.
I see some white spots on her baby gums so I'm just waiting for those teeth to cut through... already.
She's an alert little thing and never stops moving.
She still doesn't love snuggling, but does love to be held facing out.
Occasionally she'll give us the most adorable belly laugh over the silliest things and I don't think I've ever heard anything cuter.
She babbles all day long. We have several conversations throughout the day. 
She melts my heart and is probably also giving me grey hairs in my early twenties. 
We love her to pieces and truly cannot imagine life without her.
Her smiles brighten our day,
I love the way she looks at me and searches the room to see if I'm still there. 
I love the huge smiles she gives me when I get her out of her crib after naps or bedtime. 
I love her reaction when she sees herself in the mirror.
The bond parents have with their kids is unreal.
I'm so thankful I have been given the opportunity be this little girl's mama.

All my love, Aleigh Joy

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  1. She is so beautiful!! Love your blog. Wishing a happy summer to you and your sweet family!