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Tuesday, December 2, 2014
It's been a little while since I've rambled on and on during a post about recent happenings that really have no real significance or importance... but sometimes I just feel like talking. Well blogging... but same difference.

-I had been dreaming of my Thanksgiving feast since July. 
No, really. 
The thought of Mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh rolls, green bean casserole, and more gravy... made my pregnant self giddy. 
The week of Thanksgiving that's all I could think about.
 Especially since Hunter's grandmother is one of the world's best cooks. 
The night before, Hunter and I went to Target to buy pitch perfect and air heads. 
We laughed all night, then it came time to sleep. 
My tummy felt funny. 
Not baby funny, but like really not good funny. 
I laid in bed listening to Hunter breathe heavily as I wished I could just get comfortable. 
Then it came... the rumble... cue sprint to the bathroom. 
Then 5 more times. 
Then I think sometime around 4:30 am the real excitement came, and left. Really quickly. 
Everything I had eaten for dinner had left my body. 
And, I'll never eat that chicken and rice casserole again. Ever. 
I officially realized I had caught the stomach flu. 
The night before Thanksgiving. 
I felt like crying for the sake of all the mashed potatoes I so desperately wanted to eat. 
But, I couldn't even keep water down so the feast was cancelled in my world. 
Thank goodness grandma saved some leftovers for me to eat once I felt better. 
Let's make Thanksgiving a little better next year. 

-My little girl's bed skirt is the most darling creation in the entire world. 
Or at least, I think so. I can't wait to get her room all put together. 
Also, I'm 29 weeks today. 
She could easily be here in 10 weeks. 
Wow. Time. Flies. 
I'm so excited!

- I had a terrible day at work last week. 
It was kind of like Thursday mornings at our complex. 
The lawnmower guys obnoxiously wake me up. Every. Single. Thursday. 
So inconsiderate of them. 
I don't care if they're just doing their job. 
Or like trying to scrub melted cheese out of a pot. 
It gets stuck to the scrubber and there's just no way around it. 
I just love picking melty cheese off a dish scrubber.
 Cleaning cupcake tins is up there too. 
Oh, and it was really similar to going running on trash day. 
Have you ever done that? 
I have. Ew. 
Anyways, I think my daycare days have ended a few weeks earlier than expected. 
Because if I'm being honest here, I've never been treated so terribly at a job in my life. 
And I never will again. 
I so wish I could have just stormed out of that place and gave them a piece of my mind. 
But, I'm classier than that. 
And that's why I'm blogging about my frustration... HA! Jokes.

- It's a good thing I'm really going for this whole photography thing or else I would be twice as mad about said daycare incident. 
However, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I think that reason was so I could focus on my passion. 
I love love love taking people's pictures. 
What I like even more is when they are happy with their pictures. 
I did it! I found something I love doing :) 
Even if editing has taken over my life ;)

- For some reason I went to Target on black Friday. 
Well the real reason was because I wanted to see if they had any deals on cribs. 
They didn't. But I did score $4 movies and that was totally a win.
 Plus a legit Victoria's Secret deal with leftover giftcards! 

-Can someone please tell me what I want for Christmas?? 
All I can think of is things for the little miss growing in me. I'm such a mom these days. 

- I can't believe what amazing winter weather we have had here. 
I was so prepared for terrible temperatures and I built up quite a fear of driving in the snow. 
Well, I guess it's no where near over but so far, so good! 
I can wear a light sweater and feel just fine all day :)

- Lastly, I'm so glad the rest of the world finally joined in the Christmas spirit after Thanksgiving! Even if our tree has already been up for a month, it feels a whole lot more like Christmas when everyone else participates as well :)

I guess that is all for now!
Merry Christmas everybody!
I feel so happy because our Christmas cards should be arriving tomorrow! 

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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