My Happy Wall

Thursday, September 4, 2014
We were married for just a little over a month before any of our wedding presents arrived. 
For me, it was torture.
I would pace around the condo with ideas in my head of how I would decorate, but I didn't want to buy anything because I had no idea what would be underneath the wrapping of our wedding gifts. 
When Hunter's parents arrived with our truckload of gifts, I was giddy!
They filled our floor and we (well more me but that's expected) anxiously opened each gift. 
We received so much stuff, doubles, and triples of things.
I had so much fun placing things around our home and watched it suddenly feel like it really was our home. 
I'm still trying to finish all the ideas floating around in my head, hopefully before baby comes, but we shall see. 
I've decided to post some pictures of my favorite wall. I like to call it my happy wall.
I searched numerous stores for a white table like that.
The suitcases, frames, and apothecary jars were actually used as decor at our wedding!
I started piecing everything else together and decided all that was missing was some sort of decoration for the sides of the mirror. 
I finally found these lanterns and I was so excited to hang them!
Now, the happy wall is complete :)
Next stop, Fall decorations!

If you have any questions about where anything is from you can either comment below or email me at!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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