Our Belated Honeymoon

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Hey guess what!
We finally went on our honeymoon because Hunter got a two week break from football!
Upon deciding what to do for our honeymoon, a cruise was definitely first in the options but we were bummed when we saw the prices compared to the budget we set for ourselves. 
We're also pretty young in comparison to when the rest of the world gets married so renting a car wasn't even in our options, making traveling a bit harder than we had anticipated.
We decided to wait a little longer to see if the cruise prices would change, and sure enough they did!
Like, by $400!
We sure would've been bummed if we booked it earlier. 
Once it was all said and done and the cruise was booked, the countdown began!
Luckily California has a few ports for cruise ships and both of our families are from there so we were also able to make it into a nice vacation visiting family. 
It was our first time visiting home since being married so you can only imagine how excited we were to see family and friends.
Every few days we would check the app on my phone with the countdown and get that much more excited!
A week before we left, we packed a ginormous suitcase full of enough clothes for two weeks plus 3 other bags. Two of which may have been strictly mine... (Woops. I've always been an over packer)

We seriously had SO much fun on our cruise and I totally recommend a honeymoon cruise to everybody!
It was so nice having all of our meals paid for upfront AND my football playing husband could eat anything he wanted at any time he wanted. Score!
We loved going to the sit down dinners and ordering new and interesting things. Like chilled strawberry soup... Like what? Yeah it was incredible. 
We had some really cool shows including a comedy show that I almost peed my pants listening to. 
I was super worried that I would get sea sick, but it really wasn't bad!
I just got food sick. aka I ate WAY too much.
We got off the ship at both ports and found some seriously good deals on the fun things we were able to do.
On Catalina Island we walked around for a while then rented a double kayak where we found our own little private beach to park the boat and relax. 
Later we laid out and relaxed by the water.
When we got to Ensenada, Mexico we had no clue what to do.
I of course, wanted to do something super cool while we were there despite prices, but had no idea what there even was to do. We got in line to look at our different options when a super nice couple in front of us persuaded us to do the zip-lining excursion with them. 
Also, the husband of that couple just so happened to be a Boise State coach. aka one of the teams Hunter will be playing this year. HA! What are the odds!
We got on the tour bus that took us all around the city and then over to the zip line course. 
We got to go on 5 awesome zip lines and 5 suspension bridges.
I realllllyyyy wish I had pictures to share from this experience! But, I totally would've dropped my camera on those bridges. 
Think Pirates of the Caribbean or Indiana Jones style bridges above a forest and all that is holding you on those bridges is your balance and 2 carabiners. Yeah it was a bit scary but SO fun!
After that, we went to a taco shack where we had the Best street tacos of our lives. 
We then walked around the little street "shops" and made our way to La Bufadora  which was a really cool site to see.
By the end of the day we were so worn out and exhausted that we almost fell asleep in the bus.
Overall, it was a really great honeymoon and I'm so so glad we did it :)

 All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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