And Then What Happened?

Thursday, February 6, 2014
The month of January was a complete whirlwind.
I can't believe everything that happened in such a short amount of time. 
Hunter came home from his mission... and then what?
That seems to be the reoccurring question so I guess it's about time to answer :)

Thursday January 2nd was the night we were reunited.
It was everything I could have hoped it would be.
It felt like we never skipped a beat.
Hunter was still very much so in "missionary mode" and asked me to be back at his house at 6:30 in the morning so that we could talk.
Though I wasn't thrilled about waking up that early, I agreed.
That little talk we had as we walked to the end of the street, only reassured me that he must absolutely be the one Heavenly Father sent to this earth for me to be with for eternity.
I won't get into too much detail, but I will tell you that I was yet again feeling so grateful that the handsome man standing in front of me served a mission. 
As we spoke he looked me in the eyes, he genuinely cared about what I had to say, he shared mission stories that touched both his and my heart, he asked what my goals and plans were, he explained what he learned while being gone, and he was looking dreamier than ever.
In that moment we both agreed that we didn't want to rush anything and that we wanted to make sure every decision we would make from there on out would be between the two of us and The Lord and not anybody else.
It's an interesting thing having everyone around you wondering why you aren't engaged yet after 12 hours of being reunited after 2 long years apart. 
Talk about pressure.
Not only that, but we were supposed to somehow figure out if we really wanted to marry each other in like a week and three days.
No wait... now talk about pressure. 
We loved each other still, of course. 
In fact, it was intensified by like 5000 this time around and we both picked up on that pretty quick.
We were incredibly comfortable around each other and everything really did just feel right
But, it was still a lot to take in.
Especially for a returned missionary fresh off the plane. 
That weekend he was able to spend in California was wonderful.
I enjoyed spending just about every waking moment being able to actually hug him, hold his hand, talk to him, and just look at him.
It didn't take much getting used to at all having him home... except for remembering to sleep and eat.
I'm serious. 

Sunday January 5th was the day we headed out to Utah to send Hunter off to school.
Remember how I said January was a whirlwind? 
Are you starting to see why?
Just wait though, the fact that Hunter was right back at school just a few days after coming home isn't even the biggest news I have for ya.
So we spent a full week up in Utah with Hunter.
It was hands down the best week of my life.
And now I'm like, slightly at a loss for words.
Each day got better and better.
Each day the hugs got tighter, the kisses got sweeter, the talks got deeper, the feelings got stronger, the hopes got bigger, and the dreams started to come true. 
I had day dreamed about these moments with Hunter for 5 years.
And then there I was living them.
And they were better than I ever could have imagined. 
We were happier than ever before, and it was noticeable.
But, each day seemed to come and go far quicker than we wished.

Suddenly it was Thursday January 9th, literally a week after Hunter had come home. 
We decided to go on a little day date beginning with Cafe Rio and ending at the Provo Temple. 
We walked around Temple Grounds and a pretty little snow storm decided to grace us with its presence.
We hurried back to the car and decided on talking instead of driving back. 
I'm pretty sure I'll never forget that talk.
It got deep, and it ended exactly how I had hoped.
It entailed a few memories, a few personal things, a bunch of "I love you's", a couple kisses, a few hopes and one big dream. 
It was that day that we were able to honestly look in each other's eyes and say that we absolutely, undoubtedly, knew we wanted to marry each other for time and all eternity in the San Diego Temple. 
We began to set a date, figure out how on earth we would make it work, and how soon we could make it work.
We were both giddy beyond belief and happier than anything.
That night we talked to his parents. 
We told them about our little fairytale plan and they were quick to jump on board and help us in any way they could. 
It was a dream come true, and I went to bed with a happy heart.

The next day, Friday January 10th, I found a ring after only trying two on.
He did too, and they were purchased that day. 
It was all beginning to feel so real, but it also became the hardest secret I have ever had to keep. 
My parents didn't know all our big plans because we were still in Utah and they were still in San Diego.
I really didn't have the intention of going to Utah and practically getting engaged, but when you know you just know and we absolutely knew.
Hunter didn't officially propose while I was still there because out of respect for my dad he wanted to wait to talk to him and ask for his blessing. 
Have I mentioned that I really love him? Cause I do. 

Sunday January 11th, I left my Prince Charming in Utah and had to go back to California to plan this wedding. 
The goodbyes never get easier, but it did feel a little better knowing that he would be home in 2 weeks. 
I told my parents about our dreams and all that we had discussed while in Utah the night I came home. 
Of course it was a lot to take in for them, especially when I told them that we were thinking the end of February/ Beginning of March but they also quickly began to do nothing but help me get ready for the big day. 
Slowly the biggest secret of my life began to trickle out to friends around town as my bridal showers were planned, the reception venue was decided upon, the caterer was booked, the florist was contacted, the invites were made, the dress was picked, the cake was ordered, the photographer was booked, decorations were bought, bridesmaid dresses were ordered, my hair appointment was made, and the temple was called and confirmed. 
Ladies and gentlemen, all of that was done in a matter of a little less than two weeks and I wasn't even "officially" engaged. 
In the mean time, Hunter and I would FaceTime just about every day and he found a new love for snapchat haha (thank goodness for modern technology) but being apart just really never got easier.
It was anything but fun being apart again and we were counting down the days until we would get to see each other again.

So, is your head spinning yet?
Cause mine hasn't stopped haha.
So you're probably thinking to yourself that we did exactly what we said we wouldn't do by "rushing" this wedding.
But to us, we don't feel that way one bit.
After 5 years of waiting for our wedding day to come, we are beyond ready for this new adventure. 
We are desperately, hopelessly, and crazy in love with each other. 
Yes we're young. 
Age is but a number.
Yes we are broke.
These will be some of the best years of our lives.
No we don't have everything figured out.
But, we don't have to just yet. We are figuring life out with each passing day and who better to figure it all out with than your very best friend?

So, all of this being said and done... I have one more post to finally get myself caught up on life as of Hunter coming home.
I'm sure you can guess what that post will be about. 
Yes, the proposal :)
I can't wait!
See ya soon.

Oh, and here's some pictures from the week after :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. this is too much cute for my little heart to handle. seriously. also, your hair is gorgeous and i'm incredibly jealous of it. also, i'm so happy for you and don't let anyone ever tell you you're too young to get married! that just means you get to be happier longer than anyone else!

  2. So I'm a complete creepy stranger, but you guys are seriously the most attractive couple of the year. Also, eight thousand cheers for waiting, and actually still being around when he got back. I'm always impressed by girls who can do that. I cannot wait for wedding pictures. Congratulations!!

  3. Ahhhh!!!! I've been waiting for these lasts couple of posts for awhile and I'm so HAPPY to finally see them! I'm so glad it's everything you wanted it to be. Keep the story going! You're so cute. Congrats to you and your boy. :) :) :) :)