Conference Weekend

Sunday, October 13, 2013

^ I loved that talk. I just loved it so much!
This entire conference hit home for me.
I really enjoy conference usually, but this time, it couldn't have come at a better time.
And though I'm sure I'll be saying that for the rest of my life, I am so so grateful for every word spoken at this year's general conference.
I was able to attend every session this year.
A total of eight hours over the span of two days sitting in the conference center.
It was amazing. 
Being in the conference center with thousands of other Latter Day Saints was an incredibly spiritual experience.
I couldn't help but just look around as we were singing each congregational hymn.
I love being Mormon. 
And, I am proud of it :)

The weekend consisted of hearing amazing inspired words from the general authorities of the church and seeing (and meeting!) lots of great friends.
Remember sweet Morgan??
Well, I almost peed my pants as we were running towards each other meeting for the first time!
We both had plans to go to conference and that being said, we got to actually meet each other!
Like I said, conference could not have come at a better time!
She is a darling girl with such a sweet spirit about her.
We were able to attend the Salt Lake Temple (uhm gorgeous!) together with Emily and her family as well to do baptisms. 

I could not have asked for a better weekend, truly.
(other than dropping my purse in the water at city creek and the maid throwing away my keys at the hotel... but hey, why waste my breath right?)
I already can't wait for the next conference.
Oh, and by then... my sweet Hunter will be home!!
The perfect bonus :)

Here's some pictures!
Because, I wouldn't be me without snapping hundreds. 

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. looks like you had so much fun! city creek is the best mall ever. wasn't conference the greatest? (i say that every time;) uchtdorf and holland always hit it out of the park. have a good day!