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Okay friends, I found a product I'm obsessed with and I just want to tell the whole world about it!
I've always loved makeup and the confidence that comes with feeling good in your skin.
One of my favorite makeup products is hands down lipstick.
I remember being in high school and just wishing it was socially acceptable to wear bright red and pink lipstick every day.
It just made me feel so "grown up" and I couldn't wait to wear it more often as I got older.
Sure enough, lipstick is what helped bring me back to feeling like myself again after having my sweet daughter.
I suffered with PPD after having her and seriously lost myself in the new mom life.
I started rocking my favorite lipstick colors again and felt a little more of myself coming back each time.
Eventually I was getting pretty sick of avoiding kissing my husband and baby when wearing lipstick because I knew it would get all over them.
I avoided foods I wanted to eat, activities I wanted to do, and my beloved lipstick just became a hassle.
Que Lipsense...
Almost a year ago I was introduced to Lipsense by Senegence for the first time. 
I immediately fell in love and knew it would quickly become an addiction because it is smudge proof, kiss proof, eat proof, and waterproof and lasts up to 18 hours!
The best part?
It completely lives up to ALL the hype!
Like seriously, it really actually works!
I can now rock the brightest red, the deepest berry, the poppiest pink, and the darkest nude without worrying about it getting anywhere.

Because I realized I was quickly getting addicted to this amazing stuff, I figured I wanted to take the plunge and sell it.
I know everyone has their opinions on MLM's but I'm here to tell you that this company is incredible and all the rumors and tell-tale lies I kept hearing just aren't true.
This has already made all the difference in our lives and I cannot wait to see where it takes us.
I've had so much fun and loved every minute of it.
I can't believe I get to work from home and help put my husband through school by selling lipstick!
Anyways, whether you're here to order a color and try it out for yourself or have questions about joining I would love to help you out :)
Go ahead and shoot me an email at and I'll get back to you asap!
You can also join my Facebook Group Here which is where I'll post updated inventory, live videos and sales!
You can also follow my instagram account for more info and fun along the journey :)
For now, go ahead and take a look below to see it in action :)


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